Top 5 reasons to use React for your app


For frontend development, there are numerous frameworks and libraries to choose from. They aren’t all excellent. React is one of the most popular and commonly used frontend libraries.

To offer you a quick overview, React is a Facebook-developed open-source JavaScript library used for frontend development. Its component-based library allows you to create high-quality web app user interfaces.

This library works with Virtual DOM and allows you to embed HTML code in JavaScript.

This post can help if you’ve heard of React but aren’t sure why you should use it for your job. What are the advantages of React? This article will provide you with 5 reasons why you should use React for frontend development.

#1 Easy to learn

One of the most essential reasons to select React is that it is simple to learn. You may immediately start building items using this technology because it takes little time to learn.

React is simple to learn not only because there are many simple tutorials available on the internet, but also because it is a very simple library. It isn’t as complicated as Angular. When you have excellent JavaScript skills, the learning process becomes much easier.

#2 Better user-interfaces

React makes it simple to create rich user interfaces. The quality of user interfaces is critical since a poorly designed user interface is often less user-friendly, and users will dislike it.

Your users will enjoy using your web app if it features cool, high-quality UIs. As a result, creating high-quality user interfaces is critical to a company’s success.

Yes, other technologies can be used to create cool interfaces, but React makes it simple with declarative components.

#3 Faster development

Using reusable components and development tools can help you boost your efficiency. Developer productivity is critical because getting things done quickly allows you to generate more money in less time, which is a typical goal for businesses and startups.

You’ll lose money if it takes a long time to construct something simple. On the contrary, if you can provide things swiftly, you will be able to make money rapidly and your customers will be satisfied.

There are numerous React development tools available to help you get things done faster. For example, React Developer Tools is a browser extension that can make your coding work a lot easier.

#4 It’s trending

React is a popular and well-liked programming language. It’s one of the most widely used frontend technologies available.

The graph below shows how worldwide interest is growing.

When a technology is being accepted by an increasing number of individuals every day, it’s obvious that it’s for a good cause — it’s of high quality.

The number of React fans is steadily growing. Every day, fresh people discover this technology and fall in love with it. So why not give it a shot?

#5 Strong community support

One of the most compelling reasons to choose React for frontend development is its extensive community support. Because React is an open-source framework, a big community of developers is working to improve it, and coders from all over the world are assisting others in learning the technology in various ways.

The React tutorials, articles, and blog entries will certainly help you improve your React programming skills. Furthermore, on QA sites like StackOverflow and Quora, a significant number of people all over the world are constantly supporting new learners by answering their questions.

So, if you run into any issues when working with React, you can post them on QA sites and obtain accurate solutions from specialists. There are also a slew of Facebook groups dedicated to React where you can air your grievances.


As we’ve shown in this post, React has a lot of advantages. Angular does, too! So, what are the benefits of using React? Why not use Angular or another framework altogether?

Not every framework or library will be a good fit for your project. They can be useful tools, but they might not be the best fit for your development needs.

Angular, like React, is a fantastic, high-quality framework that was created by the technology behemoth Google.

However, Angular has a flaw that, in my opinion, makes React superior. The issue is that Angular is difficult to master because it is not a basic framework. It’s a complicated frontend development framework. React, on the other hand, is a really simple and straightforward technology.

This post outlined the 5 most compelling reasons to use React for frontend development. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, give me a Clap 👏 and see you in the next article!!

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